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Road Closures - Norton Lane

By PC Chair Onibury Parish Council

Thursday, 18 March 2021


Onibury Parish Council Contributor


Norton Lane, Onibury is programmed to be prepped and surface dressed between 19th March and 21st May 2021.

The work is currently programmed to take place as follows: -

19th March - Road Closed from 09:30am to 16:00pm for Surface Dressing Prep Works.

5th May – 7th May - Road Closed from 09:30am to 16:00pm for Surface Dressing.

The road will have an initial sweep within 24 hours of the new surface being laid. The sweeper returns after about 7 days to remove any residual loose chippings.

19th May – 21th May – Road Closed from 09:30am to 16:00pm for white line replacement.

Signs will be erected in the street/road prior to commencement of the works and the work will be completed as quickly as possible. A fully signed diversion route will be in place whilst work is carried out.

Inevitably there will be some disruption during these works, for which we apologise in advance. Provisions will be in place to maintain access for the residents and businesses within the closure.

For the Residents and Business Owners who are in the vicinity of the works, further notification will be provided through letter drops prior to the start date.

Contact Information

Sheila Jeavons

  • 01584856598

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