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Onibury Flooding

By Sheila Jeavons Onibury Parish Council

Wednesday, 10 February 2021


Onibury Parish Council Contributor


Recent adverse weather, heavy rain, snow etc has brought some flooding to the village, especially around the former Railway Station, Village Hall and approach to the A.49.

The main cause of the problem is a drain in Norton Road being blocked, meaning excessive surface water is not dealt with causing the drain to "back up" sending the water down the road to its lowest point.

The Parish Council is aware of the problem and the Clerk to the Council and a Councillor have met with representatives of Shropshire Council with a view to the,problem being rectified. Therefore, the matter is reported appropriately and in hand.

UPDATE 10.2.2021 - Shropshire Council have this matter in hand. Some work is expected to take place in week commencing 15.2.2021 with follow up remedial work to take place when conditions are suitable.

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Sheila Jeavons

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